Introducing Shinhan Future's Lab.

SHINHAN FUTURE'S LAB is the best accelerating program to support scale-up of startups in Korea.
  1. One Support for Joint Business and Commercialization with SHINHAN FINANCIAL GROUP

    We support commercialization in a variety of ways, including joint business with Shinhan Financial Group, introduction of services within the group, and connection with external affiliates.

  2. Two Internal / external professional mentoring.

    We provide professional mentoring and commercialization support programs for 12 weeks by matching internal/external mentors such as digital / ICT specialist mentors, patent attorneys, lawyers, investors, businessmen, etc.

  3. Three

    We support direct equity investment of Shinhan Financial Group, external linked investment and external investment promotion through Shinhan Future's Lab DEMODAY.

    Direct equity investment by Shinhan Financial Group companies and linking with external investors,
    Support for attracting foreign investment through Demo Day.

  4. Four Provide working space environment.

    We provide a working space environment for productivity, innovation and connection including R&D collaboration with Shinhan Financial Group

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    To help you upgrade your startup technology / service,
    Supports provision of test data (consultation required)

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  5. Five Support Global Expansion

    Shinhan Future's Lab global expansion Program is a market access program which provides mentoring, funding and global expansion opportunities for startups to achieve scale.

    - Opportunity to expand and learn in Global market
    - Match with a local industry expert as market mentor
    - Flight tickets and accommodation sponsored by Shinhan Financial Group